Death. An unassuming five letter word that spawns a multitude of thoughts, emotions and perspectives from every single living individual. A biological construct that is a foregone conclusion…an indubitable inevitability…a consequence of a steady march with time as an eternal companion. Death.

It is fascinatingly intriguing to note how various personalities accept, approach and react to this eventual reality that lies in store for all of us existential beings on this planet we call home. At one end of the spectrum, some shun the morbidity of it all in an endeavour to focus on the present; ferociously chasing their dreams, goals and passions. The Activists. The other end of the spectrum is home to those who have perhaps fallen prey to the fear of the inevitable and whose actions or lack there of are significantly dictated by how much time they may have left. The Tragics. Amidst these two “factions” there lies another proverbial bracket of individuals who have encountered a near-death experience sometime in their life. Such an experience may either cause them to don the gauntlet of an activist or descend into the depths of resignation as a tragic.

Simply put, our time on this planet is finite. How we put this limited resource to use to the best of our abilities is upto us. The manner in which one approaches life based on a firm foundation of sacrosanct credos and constructs, courage and conviction, compassion and comprehension…often determines the kind of legacy one leaves behind when one’s “time is up”. Along the way; one will encounter challenges, stumble, tumble, overcome, overcompensate…fail, succeed, laugh, cry and introspect. All this while, time continues to tick away; bringing with it the baggage of age, decay and eventually; death.

What is death after all? 

A paradigm of life in itself.