I stand outside; bare feet in my sprawling balcony,

A slight chill in the air; under the skies; so starry.

I see neon lights in the distance ever so clearly,

Like urban fireflies that buzz all night drearily.

A porcelain mug in my hand; my only companion; you see?

Its contents comfort me; sugarless Black Coffee.

A stray dog howls somewhere below me,

Vying for attention from a restless; sleepless city.

Solitude comes easily tonight; so surreptitiously,

Black velvet hues in the dark continue to engulf me.

I look into the distance and wonder; ponderously,

The thoughts in my head that I try to comprehend fully.

“Are we only slaves to our jobs and careers; perennially?”

“Does life hold more meaning than what we experience and see?”

Chasing dreams and passions; we often forget; we flee,

From the grave realities of life and the suffering; regularly.

In the continual pursuit of happiness we sprint lightly,

Tripping and falling; rising and dashing relentlessly.

There is more to life than just making; minting money.

Inflating bank balances and egos that in the long run seem funny.

What happened to living in the moment; cursorily?

What happened to appreciating what we have; presently?

Time flies by at the rate of knots; you see.

There’s more to every moment; unhinged and free.

There’s more to us and our lives; beyond the superficiality.

The mug in my hand looks back at me; empty.

The stray dog in the distance naps longingly; breathing heavily,

I see the first hint of a sunrise in the velvet vicinity,

As I table my pondering for another night of pensive activity.