What is it that we seek and chase?

So fervently the bar we raise…

Onwards we move in this dogged race,

To each their own; in a billion ways.

The pursuit of happiness; a relentless craze,

Moving pieces in life’s chess plays.


Days and weeks are blurs of time,

Penning the words to our futures’ rhyme.

So focused are we on tomorrow’s line,

That we forget about today; a nasty crime.

The pursuit of happiness has left us resigned…

…Tiptoeing over life’s many land mines.


A generation of posers and pretenders born,

As we try to keep up appearances; masks on.

Embracing materialism to often right our wrongs,

But all we want is some place to belong.

Perhaps the pursuit of happiness is just a ticking time bomb,

That bogs us down as time moves along.